What You Get with Me

  • In-person consultations
  • Emails and phone calls
  • Editing ceremony, reading and musical choices (and vows for weddings)
  • Coordinating schedules of the participants, especially if rehearsals are involved
  • Research for particular ceremony options (Current and over the years of education and training, as with any professional)
  • Ceremony preparation, proof-reading, private read-throughs, updating, revisions, approval, last minute changes
  • Travel time and waiting time before rehearsals
  • The rehearsal itself
  • Travel time and waiting time before the ceremony
  • Calming nervous participants before the ceremony, if needed
  • The ceremony itself (those ubiquitous 15-30 minutes)
  • Being available to participants and guests following the ceremony
  • Filing documents after the ceremony

Sample Ceremonies

This is a guideline of ceremonies and services I offer, but anything can be adjusted or combined to make YOUR ceremony right for YOU!

Short & Sweet Wedding Ceremony

“I do, I do” Wedding Ceremony

For a Saturday ceremony, I only book the Personal and Unique (see below)  -I offer a $50 discount off the Personal and Unique Ceremony for a NON Saturday ceremony as well. -Travel expenses: 50 cents per mile after 20 miles   I am flexible with the length of ceremony and pricing.  I will make every effort to create a payment schedule for YOU!    

Get in Touch

It will be my pleasure to meet with you and discuss your special ceremony. Call or email and I will get right back to you.

Phone: 314 825-0251
Email: lamira6@yahoo.com

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you performed for Joe and Cheney on Monday!!!  I thought it was so moving and so 'them'!!!  You were great support for them in their desire to have a wedding 'their way'!  Thank you and God Bless You!!!     

st louis wedding

Short and Sweet

Pre-written with a few personal touches - choice of ring and wedding vows and one reading.


Rehearsal + $25.00 

Personal and Unique

This ceremony will reflect YOU and your love in the vows you choose or write, the readings you choose, memorials, rituals and many more personal elements.


This price includes the rehearsal.

I do I do

Less than 5 minutes, pre-written, very simple and quick!