Why have ceremonies for Families and Children?

Celebrants perform many kinds of ceremonies for families and children, including baby namings and welcomings, ceremonies for adoptive families, coming of age celebrations for adolescents and ceremonies marking birthdays, graduations, family reunions and more.

Welcoming ceremonies for new family members, whether by birth, adoption or marriage, have existed in virtually every culture and country. Publicly marking the entry of new members into our families is perhaps one of the most joyous celebrations we can share and acknowledging our responsibilities to our children one of the most serious commitments we can undertake.

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Adoption Ceremony

 Child Blessing/Naming Ceremony  (Approx 30 mins in length)


Coming of Age Ceremony

Boy or girl, Up to 1 hour in length


House Blessing Ceremony

House Blessing Ceremony


Divorce Ceremony

Celebrate Your new beginning! (Up to 1 hour in length)


Anniversary and/or Vow Renewal Ceremony

Up to 1 hour in length